Step Back in Time features news items from The Daily Star 25 and 50 years ago.

25 years ago

Sept. 16, 1995

Total giving to the State University College at Oneonta increased 16 percent over last year, nearly twice the national average for colleges and universities.

Director of College Advancement Paul J. Adamo attributes the growth in charitable giving to the work of volunteers, the improvements in the college’s image and the effectiveness of fundraising publications, programs and activities.

“Our growth was due largely to the spirited work of over 200 volunteers, especially in the Alumni Annual Fund and the Parents Fund,” Adamo said. “Our volunteers — faculty, staff, students and alumni — were very successful in making the case for support and in reaching more people than ever before.”

The interest income from the college’s endowment — which now tops $4.8 million — is used primarily for scholarships, academic programs and faculty development.

50 years ago

Sept. 16, 1970

Oneonta’s engineering and legal experts again last night told Mayor James Lettis they don’t believe there is much the city can do about the Wilber Park mudslide until an insurance company for Hartwick Associates decides whether or not it is liable for the mud flow.

The April 24 mudslide and repeated flowings for several weeks thereafter covered between two and three acres of the upper level of Wilber Park. The slide emanated from piles of dirt at the Wilber Park Apartments construction site.

Utica Mutual, the insurance carrier for Hartwick Associates (the apartment complex developer), has had the city’s claim since early summer, but has still not accepted liability for the slide or formally claimed it is not liable.

If the insurance carrier does not accept liability, conferences will have to be held on the amount to be paid. If it does not, court action is possible, City Attorney Harold Vrooman told the Common Council.

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