50 years ago

Aug. 12, 1964

Oneonta’s summer playground participants are about due for their “second” summer vacation, Recreation Commission Chairman E.C. (Dutch) Damaschke said Tuesday.

“Kids need a little free time of their own before school starts,” he explained. The commission’s summer playground program ends Thursday.

“The kids get bored with the continuing regimentation of activities,” he commented. “Six weeks is long enough. It is a good program for them.”

So at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Valleyview School Playground will have its final event of the summer—a rodeo. Mr. Damaschke will be on hand for the activities, and plans to bring his carousel so they can buy rides too.

Thursday, fun and games are the order of the day as all city playgrounds hold their annual field day at Neahwa Park.

Included in the festivities scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m., are games, races and refreshments.

The Neahwa Park playground will act as host for the other three playgrounds. The Neahwa Park children will set up concession stands and sell candy, popcorn, and soda pop.

The Oneonta Recreation Commission, which sponsors the playground program, will donate the candy.

Prizes will be given for the contests. The prizes are complimentary tickets for candy at the Wilber Park concession stand.

The only admission charge to the fun day is a penny.

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