Dilip Sengupta, formerly of Delhi, is inviting area residents to share their stories about parental alienation as part of a project of the Association for the protection of the Rights of Non-Custodial Parents.

Stories are being compiled in the forum section of the ARNCP's website, http://parental-rights.webs.com, where more information on the project is also available.

Sengupta, president and founding member of the ARNCP, said he plans to compile the stories into a pamphlet titled "Left Out in the Cold," copies of which will be sent to Vice President Joseph Biden and Congressman Ron Paul in an effort to raise awareness of issues faced by noncustodial parents.

Submissions of up to 300 words may be submitted on the website. Sengupta said parents, mothers, grandparents and children are among those invited to submit stories of how noncustodial parent relationships have affected them and their families.

The ARNCP is a nonprofit organization offering assistance to noncustodial parents excluded from their children's lives by custodial parents and family court judges.

The organization provides counseling to noncustodial parents and their children, as well as legal advice and financial assistance to research institutes furthering the study of Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, and its effect on children and parents.

For more information on ARNCP or "Left Out in the Cold," visit http://parental-rights.webs.com or e-mail Sengupta at dilipsengupta@consultant.com.

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