DELHI _ Petitions to run for town and county offices will begin to circulate Saturday, but sources said the only countywide race in Delaware County could be uncontested.

The only countywide position up for election this year is treasurer.

Incumbent Treasurer Beverly Shields said Wednesday that she intends to run for her fifth four-year term. She said she has not heard of anyone planning to challenge her.

Delaware County Democratic Chairwoman Cynthia Lockrow-Schimmerling said that at this point, there will not be a Democratic opponent.

“We approached Russell Schebesta and asked him to run again, but he has too many other obligations,” Lockrow-Schimmerling said.

In the 2005 election, Shields faced a primary challenge from Meg Hungerford. When Shields prevailed in the primary, Hungerford continued the challenge as an Independence Party candidate, with Schebesta on the Democratic line.

A Delaware County Board of Elections spokeswoman said Wednesday that 17 of the county’s 19 supervisors are up for re-election this year. The only seats not up are in Harpersfield and Deposit.

Lockrow-Schimmerling said she didn’t want to reveal names, but there are Democrats who plan to run for supervisor in Sidney and Delhi. Republican Joseph Maddalone holds the Sidney position, and Republican Peter Bracci is Delhi supervisor.

The incumbent Democratic supervisors will each run for re-election, Lockrow-Schimmerling said. They include Dennis Valente of Davenport, Wayne Marshfield of Hamden, Keitha Capouya of Meredith and Thomas Hynes of Roxbury.

Lockrow-Schimmerling said the Delaware County Democratic Party “is working very, very hard on developing a five-year plan to strengthen the party.

“We are working with the state committee and we are holding meetings in various towns,” she said.

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