We are all stunned and trying to cope with the untimely death of a truly remarkable individual. While we ponder our loss, we should also ponder our gain. Yes, we lost a unique individual, but, we gained much more by experiencing “the Dick Miller Model.” 

Many have wondered and/or possibly never experienced and certainly have yearned to work with or for an individual that has the vision, dedication, collaborative leadership, compassion and integrity all neatly wrapped in one person. Dick Miller was that individual. 

I am one of a multitude of individuals that have had the honor and pleasure to experience the “the Dick Miller Model.” I worked with him on a college-related committee (at SUNY Delhi) and assisted him with a few city of Oneonta-related projects. Before I met Dick, his reputation as a trusted, dedicated, collaborative leader who “gets things done” was well known in the SUNY system. When I finally met him, it was only a matter of minutes that I realized all the accolades were true and in most cases understated. 

Working with Dick was like experiencing the “Energizer Bunny”; you felt fully charged and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. As has been previously stated is absolutely true — he had the ability to “lift” everyone to levels they never thought possible. In a world that at times does not make sense and where there appears to be a dearth of leaders, with the lack of purpose, cohesion, focus and moral stewardship, “the Dick Miller Model” resonates as a ray of hope. 

Dick had a very high emotional IQ matched with a high intellectual IQ that very few leaders have. We mourn his death, but we celebrate his life and our gain for giving us “the Dick Miller Model.” Thank you, Dick!

 Morales is professor and dean of the Applied Sciences and Recreation division of the State University College of Technology at Delhi. 

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