Franklin couple offers high-end photos at low prices

ContributedChris and Karen Kemp, of Annadale Farms Photography in Franklin, pose in this undated photo.

When longtime Franklin resident Chris Kemp entered retirement, he was looking for a hobby but found a second career.

Kemp, 57, began Annadale Farms Photography, a nature-inspired, family-focused photography business, with his wife, Karen, in 2017. The two Delaware County natives have lived in Franklin for more than 30 years.

“I was doing some landscape photography, and someone asked us to take some pictures for them,” Kemp said. “I did and it just took off, so that’s what I do now. I’m full-time with it, and on more of a regular basis than when I started two years ago, but we had done families here and there (before that).”

Kemp, a former drug and alcohol abuse counselor, said his photography services “run the gamut.”

“We do senior pictures and we’ve done different events (such as) parties and birthdays for older people,” he said. “We do weddings, though we really limit how many weddings we do, and we’ve done baby photos, but we don’t do all the props, and we’ve done all the way to couple sessions for (people) in their seventies. The ages really vary, but we’ll do just about anything anyone wants us to and I really enjoy it.”

Whatever he’s shooting, Kemp said, he lets the upstate landscape lead his work.

“We use nature, and there are enough props in nature,” he said. “That’s primarily what we do. And we (work) year-round, because there’s always something beautiful out there in this area, it’s just a matter of finding it and using it.”

Kemp said he and Karen are willing to travel to clients.

“We will pretty much go wherever anyone wants us to go,” he said. “Next year, we have a wedding down on the Jersey shore, but most of our families are in this general area — Cooperstown to Sidney and Otego, Unadilla, Franklin, Walton and Downsville.”

“Right now, we’re really booked up,” he said, “but we find ways to get people in … and we try to take the time to let things unfold.”

Kemp said he also strives to offer low pricing.

“We try to keep it really affordable,” he said. “That’s an important thing, because we want everyone to be able to afford to have nice pictures taken. It’s more important that they get good pictures than we get a bunch of money; we have the time and I’m retired, so we’re pretty fortunate.”

Kemp said some of his craft’s trickiest aspects are also the most rewarding.

“The picture is the end product of developing your relationship with an individual pretty quickly,” he said. “One of the big challenges is to really capture somebody’s personality and the only way to get that in a picture is to get them to relax and have fun with the whole process. That’s when you start to get someone’s actual personality and, to me, the biggest compliment we can get is for someone to say, ‘You really captured us.’

“Another challenge is living in a three-dimensional world and putting it into a two-dimensional photograph,” Kemp continued. “So I really spend a lot of time trying to put depth in my photos and create a 3-D world. You do that through lighting, camera settings and the settings you’re using for the pictures. A lot of the work is thinking on the fly … and there’s a difference between a snapshot and a photograph, but one of the things people tell me they like is that we make things come alive in pictures.”

Following a shoot, Kemp said, he provides clients with edited photos in a digital format.

For more information or to set up a booking, contact Kemp through “Annadale Farms Photography” on Facebook.

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