New Dietz Street shop offers comfort for body and soul

Allison CollinsAnastasia Majestic stands in her Oneonta store, Magic Box, in this July photo.

From Moscow to upstate, Anastasia Majestic is bringing her love of self-healing arts to Oneonta. The 29-year-old launched Magic Box at 2 Dietz St. in Oneonta earlier this year.

“By training, I have a degree in surveying (earned in Russia), which translates as a master’s of geographical sciences,” Majestic said. “It’s very far from spirituality and this spiritual store that I own right now. However, the culture I was brought up in is about alternative medicine, herbalism, self-help and meditation.”

Majestic, who said she came to Oneonta “for love,” has lived locally for four years.

“The first time I saw Oneonta, I couldn’t believe I was going to live here,” she said. “It made its way into my heart and I can’t imagine moving out of here.”

Magic Box, Majestic said, is dedicated to “spirituality, books, crystals, meditation and meditation tools and tea.”

The shop, Majestic said, grew from her interests as well as a pre-existing business.

“I took over in January of this year,” she said, “but before, for four years, it was Sun, Moon and Earth in Serenity Hobbies. It was mostly a crystal shop, and I kind of redirected it to be a more broad variety of products.

“I introduced tea and now I have a mediation room and tarot-reading room,” she said. “I hope, when COVID-19 passes, I will be able to perform Japanese and Chinese and matcha tea ceremonies, and all those are part of Zen meditation. I would love to take my mask off and enjoy tea with people and share my passion.”

After changing the name and moving, Majestic said, she opened the Dietz Street site in July.

Majestic said she hopes her inventory will help ease contemporary ailments.

“Being very anxious, I think meditation is a cure for the 21st century,” Majestic said. “Diseases come from our brain; when we’re stressed out, our immune system goes down, so our natural defenses go down and we get sick. A stress-less life is a cure for all diseases, in my opinion, and that’s the reason I decided to take over the store.”

Majestic said, while clients are primarily women, customers represent a wide geographic and demographic range.

“It’s 50/50, people passing by and stopping on the way in between Albany and Syracuse,” she said, “and some tourists or people who visit upstate New York (and stop) because it’s a very unique space and very unique products. Also, Oneonta residents and residents of areas closer to Oneonta are very happy and grateful that we are open, because they used to go to Woodstock for these products. (Woodstock) has a lot of meditation and Tibetan suppliers, a Buddhist monastery and crystal and tea shops, which are all very beautiful shops, they’re just two hours away.

“The age bracket is very wide,” Majestic said. “It starts with college girls and ends with people who belong to the Institute of Spiritual Development (in Oneonta), which are typically older women, but also sometimes men. I feel like women are trying to connect more with their emotions, where there’s still a stigma that men shouldn’t acknowledge emotions.”

Client interests, Majestic said, are also varied.

“It’s a big market,” she said. “I have customers who shop for tarot that are professional readers, but it’s not only people who are craving knowledge of the future, it’s also just something fun to do. You go to a concert or a nice dinner … and it’s the same thing with tarot readings: it’s something that gives you a different perspective.

“People think you have to be a witch or wizard to have a tarot reading,” she continued, “but we always look for symbols in our life, especially women, and this just gives us some sort of direction and, during COVID, we really crave this direction.”

Through pandemic recovery, Majestic said, she hopes to expand her offerings.

“We really would love to launch our own tea brand … and have really good organic teas,” she said. “That’s in the long perspective.”

Majestic said she also plans to host crystal-wrapping and jewelry-making classes at the store, as well as group tea and coffee readings.

Magic Box is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, find “Magic Box” on Facebook, follow on Instagram or visit

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