New store in Sidney fills women's clothing niche

Allison CollinsLori Crane, owner of All The Things, stands in front of her downtown Sidney store earlier this month.

Lori Crane is bringing years of wholesale experience to her new downtown Sidney retail venture, All The Things.

Crane opened All The Things, offering women’s clothing and accessories, lingerie and more, at 85 Main St. in late 2020.

“We did a soft opening right before Christmas, just to kind of gauge what the interest was,” Crane said. “We own the building and the inventory, I’d been home and bored and we did the food bank and mask giveaway, then I got the idea for this.”

Together with partner Jerry Conklin, owner of Conklin Fashions in Bainbridge, Crane distributed more than 10,000 dollars’ worth of food, purchased with Conklin’s retirement savings, and thousands of face coverings from the Sidney site through spring and summer last year.

Crane said All The Things is the brick-and-mortar realization of her wholesaling experience.

“I’ve got a bunch of inventory for lingerie, and I’d been doing mail order on Poshmark and Shopify for a little less than a year,” she said. “So, I just decided we needed a retail (space).”

Because stock is sourced from trade shows, Crane said, inventory will evolve.

“That’s what we do — we go to trade shows, then retail stores come to us and we ship out of a warehouse in Bainbridge,” she said. “We used to do like 30 shows a year; now, (because of the pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19), we’re down to about six.

“It’s lingerie; women’s accessories; a lot of jewelry; belts, hats, scarves and gloves; ponchos; sandals; and sunglasses,” Crane continued. “I have beautiful handbags, pocketbooks and wallets and, when that’s gone, if I don’t find a supplier, I just won’t carry pocketbooks anymore. I’m going to play it by ear and see what’s available at (trade shows) that I can bring up to Sidney … and we’re looking for suppliers. Some of it will be finite, and I try to always bring in something new. It’s ever-changing and I try to keep it interesting and keep prices to the point where it’s not a museum, it’s priced to sell.”

Crane said community members are embracing All The Things.

“The people that have come in have been so excited that there’s a store like this in Sidney,” she said. “Mostly, the first thing people say is ‘thank you’ when they walk in, so that’s exciting. There’s not a lot downtown and, since Kmart went out of business, there’s nothing like this. You’d have to go all the way to Oneonta or Binghamton if you want some clothing.” Customers, Crane said, represent a mix.

“(Clients) are starting at 15 years old or so; it’s mid-teenagers up to 100,” she said. “It’s not just sexy lingerie; it’s also PJ sets and house coats and nice lounge robes, tank tops and cardigan sweaters, so I get just about everybody.”

Though Crane said, “right now, it’s mostly local (shoppers),” she hopes All The Things will bring business to Sidney.

“I’d like to have events here when COVID is buttoned up — wine and cheese events, open houses, ladies’ nights, that kind of thing,” she said. “Friday nights, I’ll be open until 9 in the summertime and have tables and chairs on the sidewalk. I want people to be able to come and eat, hang out, have a glass of wine and shop and sip — anything that gets people together and shopping and sharing stories, especially in downtown Sidney, because we don’t have a lot of that. A lot of people get off the highway and go to Price Chopper and Tractor Supply, then get back on 88 and never get to downtown. I’d like to get shoppers to downtown Sidney.”

Crane said she hopes to announce a grand opening event soon and will also add online shopping as All The Things becomes established.

All The Things is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment. For more information, find “All the Things” on Facebook.

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