Space Age exhibit opens at Bushel Collective

ContributedHomemade spaceship built in 1983 by John Kleeman.

DELHI — Bushel Collective in Delhi recently unveiled “Test Launch: Prototype for a Space Age Museum,” an exhibit focused on a local institution in formation.

According to a media release, the show introduces Delaware County resident Peter Kleeman’s work as a historian and curator of the cultural history of space exploration, displaying highlights from the Kleeman family’s collection of folk art, graphic design, amusement rides, vintage snapshots, space toys and trade simulators.

Kleeman is reportedly exploring the possibility of expanding the family collection into a local museum and educational institution in Delaware County.

Using the playful forms of robots, rocket ships, flying saucers, astronauts, aliens, ray guns and extra-terrestrial worlds, Kleeman encourages viewers to contemplate serious questions concerning life on planet Earth.

“Test Launch” will allow Kleeman to gather feedback from visitors in person during open hours from noon until 2 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the holiday season. Attendance is free and open to the public.

In addition to curating and directing the development of a Space Age museum, Kleeman has worked as a historian at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum where he volunteers as a researcher and consultant. He holds an master’s degree in public history from UMass Amherst and lives in Hobart. The exhibit will remain on view until Jan. 29.

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