The Daily Star doesn't often run poems, but we received two from an Oneonta parent and a student this week that seemed very timely.

First is a message and poem from parent Ari Tobi-Aiyemo, followed by child Edyn's poem:

"You will agree with me that there is no better time to appreciate teacher than this week: Teacher Appreciation Week. One good thing that has come out of this lockdown is that we parents have experienced first-hand what teachers go through teaching our kids year-in, year-out. Over the past seven weeks, many parents from across the globe have come to realize the value and indispensability of teachers/educators. I have had the most trying times of my life homeschooling. This poem I composed is my little way of reaching out to all teachers who will read it and to specifically appreciate all the teachers of Greater Plains Elementary School for the great job they do with my kids and other kids. I also remember the retired teachers who are now grandmothers/fathers and great-grandmothers/fathers."

"Bravo! Teachers"

We call you teacher

We think you just teach

You do more than teach

You nurture our kids

And attend to their needs

Like they were yours

One month on lockdown

Shows your efforts at dawn

Early you rise

That they may arise

To face change

As you challenge

We call you coach

But you do more than coach

You reform when they encroach

They are great kids, we know

But they bring pains to your brow

Instead of gratitude

They reward you with attitude

But when they fall

You bring them up

Amidst the uproar

You manage them all


T- train them

E- educate them

A-advocate for them

C- care for them

H- help them thrive

E- endure their excesses

R- raise them like they were yours

Bravo teachers! Bravo! Teachers

You do more than teaching

Bravo teachers!

You do more than caring

Bravo teachers!

You do more than upholding

Bravo teachers!

You ‘parent’ our kids



And from Edyn Aiyemo, a third grader at Greater Plains:

"What I See in The Land of Green"

The land is green

The kids are not seen.

There are not many people seen

In this land of green.

Only a dog named Charley.

In this land of green, I only see me and my family.

For none are seen in the land of green.

In this land of green there are flowers in need.

With no one to feed.

None helps these helpless things

but the birds that sing.

Why are others not seen in this land of green?

A virus does not mean you can’t enjoy spring.


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