I am probably in the minority. I like change, even look forward to it.

Most people I meet like to keep things the way they were. Their routine the same, the objects around them the same, the companies they deal with the same, and even the foods they eat the same.

I used to think a lot like them until I realized that the world is constantly changing, both in the way we live and how we are impacted by outside entities. If we close our minds and abilities to old patterns, we can lose out on some very meaningful experiences.

Our office has undergone many changes in last few years. Most have been positive. Others have been challenging. We have grown from these experiences, but more importantly, have learned many new things as well.

Our programs have also changed and continue to change.

Our insurance counseling program will be one of continual change as President Obama's health care reform is enacted. Guidelines for other programs change as the funding availability shifts and the economy or poverty level adjusts.

This summer we are embarking on a process to help guide us in how we provide our services in the next four years.

We will distribute a Community Needs Assessment to provide us with key information.

This data will be compiled and evaluated so that as our county seniors grow in age and numbers, we can meet their ever-changing needs. This input, as well as our new state definitions and guidance, can bring about some exciting new challenges for change.

The surveys will be available in July and August in various key locations in the county.

Please take the time to complete this tool so that your voice can be heard.

Change is all around us.

Some things may not affect us, but a lot of them will.

To help, I would encourage anyone to take the time to try something different. Eat a new food, try a new route to your favorite store, or rearrange a living space.

I hope that you find it to be a wonderful experience.

Nancy Dingee is director of the Schoharie County Office for the Aging. 'Senior Scene' columns can be found at www.thedailystar.com/seniorscene.

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