Teen Talk: Reviews: 'Aladdin' remake does not disappoint


Last weekend I got to go see the new “Aladdin” movie, a live-action remake of the original. I must admit I was a little nervous as sometimes, when original movies are remade, they aren’t as good as hoped.

There has been a lot of hype around the new “Aladdin” (and many original Disney movies being remade) and I just hoped that the movie would live up to it. I went to see the movie with my brother and my nephew and, honestly, it was hard to tell who was more excited to see it. We all had very high expectations.

“Aladdin” is definitely a movie that I remember from my childhood. I always loved the genie, so I was very excited to see Will Smith portray that character in the remake and a bit skeptical to see if he could truly pull it off. Well, he did not disappoint.

For those who have never seen the original movie, the film follows a young man named of Aladdin who meets a princess named Jasmine. Aladdin is considered to be a “street thug” but when he meets Jasmine, he is immediately smitten. When an evil character named Jafar tries to become the Sultan and steal the throne from Jasmine’s father, Aladdin and Jasmine (with some help from the genie and Aladdin’s adorable monkey, Abu) must come together to stop the villain.

Aladdin has three wishes. One can only hope he uses them correctly.

When I watch a movie that has been remade from the original version, I often watch for one major recurring theme. I want to see how much the movie has been changed from the original. This is important to me with remakes because I think it’s really cool when movie remakes stick to the original script. For the most part, Aladdin did stick to the original script very well. There were a few minor changes and a couple of new songs added to this movie but nothing that was completely different.

All the actors and actresses did a great job. My favorite was definitely Will Smith as the genie. He did such a good job, and got the genie’s hilarious personality spot on.

The movie is rated PG and is perfect for the whole family to watch. When I went to see the movie, as mentioned earlier, my 4-year-old nephew and brother went with me and, as anyone knows, kids that age don’t like to sit still for long periods of time. The movie was 2 hours and 10 minutes long and my nephew sat still and stayed invested for the entire thing.

And if it wasn’t hard enough to sit still already, he had just drunk a rather large blue raspberry Slushie, which I’m sure gave him some extra energy. This fact alone shows that the movie must have been VERY entertaining.

To be honest, watching him sing along with the characters and laugh at the funny parts may have been even better than the movie, itself. The movie has some lovable characters in it as well as some unlovable ones. However, the unlovable characters just make you root for the good ones even more.

I love to watch movies, especially when they’re movies I truly enjoy, and “Aladdin” was one of those for me. The success so far of “Aladdin” makes me even more excited for the next Disney remake to come out, which is going to be “The Lion King.”

There are a lot of good movies out at the moment but if you are debating which one to see, I’d definitely go with “Aladdin.”

In conclusion, oftentimes when Disney movies are remade into live action films, they can either be a very positive experience or leave people feeling disappointed. In my opinion, “Aladdin” was remade very tastefully and I suggest watching it. It was just released in theaters, so it should be sticking around for a while longer. If I had three wishes, I would use one to be watching it again right now!

Now to wrap things up, I just want to announce that this will be my last Teen Talk review column for The Daily Star. I have just finished up my freshman year of college and am outgrowing my teen years. It has been such an honor writing for this paper and I have enjoyed it immensely. For any teen out there who loves to write, I strongly suggest looking into writing a Teen Talk column because it is such an amazing opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who has read my columns over the last few years. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Molly Gavett is a graduate of Walton Central School. She attends SUNY Brockport.

With Molly’s graduation from Teen Talk, we have an opening for a teen columnist. High school students from Otsego, Delaware, Chenango and Schoharie counties who are interested in the position should email Managing Editor Robert Cairns at rcairns@thedailystar.com.

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