From the time we were born, we have heard advice from our moms.

From the soothing "shhh, it will be all right" when we were babies, to "don't forget your jacket," in our childhood, to the teenage years' "don't smoke, drink or do drugs," and even into adulthood, "If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger," mom's words still echo in many of our minds.

The Daily Star asked readers about the best and worst advice they ever got from their moms.

According to our readers, it sounds like mom was usually right.

The following are our readers' responses:

My mom was famous for many, many quirky sayings. The one that drove me nuts the most was, "It'll be all better by the time you get married." She was right, all those "troubles" were gone by then.

_ Annette Holbrook of Otego

I remember my mom, Wava Norton, always said to me:

"You made your bed, you lay in it."

"Share and share alike."

"I have no favorite." And being there were nine in our household (four girls), that always hit home.

"Don't put your tongue on frozen ice, it could stick and peel off."

"You will see when you get bigger." "Don't climb on old wood piles, you can get a nail in your shoe."

"It's not what it used to be," referring to life.

Anyway there were a lot, and most of us kids listened, and as we became adults, we have passed these words of wisdom on to our kids. Thank you for letting me remember my mother; she was the best.

_Rae Norton of Colliersville

My mother left us a legacy when she passed away March 28.

She told us almost every time we were with her, "You can't go back" or "They can't go back." This was awesome advice because we all make mistakes and none of us can go back so we press on for today.

_ Julie Hunt of South New Berlin

The advice from my mother, Irene, was what she told me then and now:

Regarding marriage, "You argue, you get over it and you move on from there."

Simple but true and has worked for 22 years and counting for me, 49½ for her (Dad passed in October 2006).

_ Diane Davie of Unadilla

My Mom, Rebecca Peck, gave me advice on two things in life that I will always remember and I live by them every day and teach it to my children. Growing up she would say about my grades, even if they weren't at the top of the class, she would tell me not to get upset or feel bad as long as we (me and her) both knew I had tried and applied my best.

As I got older and it came to love, she taught me that you cannot make someone like or love you if they don't and you cannot change people. They are who they are. You can only change yourself. I'm glad I listened.

I was blessed with one of the most wonderful women on this Earth to call mom. Mom, I love you!

_ Amanda Cimko of West Oneonta

Mother didn't tell me _ she showed me. When I saw her kneeling beside her bed in prayer, I knew that God was important. When I saw her helping the elderly, I knew that service to others was important. When the house was filled with joyous music, I knew how talented my mom was at the piano. No matter what the situation, my mom's tremendous sense of humor served to help and heal. I can be nothing but thankful for my mom.

_ Pat DuBois of Maryland

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