Three people were moved to new facilities from Countryside Care Center in Delhi last week, according to the state agency overseeing the situation. This decreased the number of residents at the facility to 114. Whatever the outcome, the state Department of Health will make sure residents receive proper care, an official said.

Faced with a requirement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to develop a plan to address 66 deficiencies in the past three years by Sept. 13, owners of Countryside filed a closure plan with the state Department of Health. Facility owners, Leatherstocking Healthcare LLC, have not returned several requests for comment, by phone and email. The facility was sold to Leatherstocking by Delaware County in 2006.

“The DOH is working closely with Countryside to ensure residents are relocated to the most appropriate level of care,” DOH spokesman Jeffrey Hammond said.  DOH representatives have been on site monitoring the situation since Aug. 1.

“Countryside will continue operations until each resident is safely relocated to the most appropriate placement site,” he said. He would not comment further.

Delaware County Supervisor James Eisel said the three recent transfers were done by families who have decided to relocate residents to other nursing homes. He did not know of any other cases. He was still waiting to hear details from the owners about a potential buyer they said they had, which could maintain operations at the facility.

Chairman of the county Social Services Committee, Peter Bracci — the Delhi supervisor — said that while it’s a private business, the residents and its approximately 200 employees remain a concern for the town and county.

While the state Department of Health will ensure that residents are cared for, he said he was still hopeful that a private buyer he has met with would be interested. He did not have the potential buyer’s name Monday.

Since it is private, “we don’t have a lot of options except helping them make a seamless transition,” he said.  

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