Chobani is whipping up six more yogurt creations, plus expanding into markets in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, New Berlin-based company officials said last week. 

Chobani LLC, manufacturer of Greek yogurt, announced in media releases that it will make its most significant portfolio expansion in the company’s history with six new products in July. The company, which has a plant in the town of Columbus in Chenango County, is enhancing breakfast yogurt and will offer snack and dessert options, a release said.

Chobani’s broader marketing in production and distribution are “brilliant” steps to stay competitive, said Steve Craig, president and chief operating officer of Commerce Chenango Inc. in Norwich.

Many companies are vying for a part of the Greek yogurt pie, Craig said Monday, and the newly announced marketing steps will help identify more customers and help Chobani to “continue to mature and grow.”

Chobani locally employs about 1,400 workers, according to recent figures, Craig said.

Chobani, which also has plants in Idaho and in Australia, said its authentic strained Greek yogurt products is made with only natural ingredients. Public relations officials for the company weren’t immediately available Monday afternoon at New York City offices.

The new products will include Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats, a mix of yogurt mixed with fruit and whole grain steel-cut oats; Chobani Indulgent, a dessert; and Chobani Kids, a snack, a release said. The three other options will be Chobani Seasonal; new blended flavors of Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt; and the introduction of 4-percent whole milk Chobani Kitchen.

Later this year, the company also will introduce savory dips, Chief Marketing Officer Peter McGuinness told The Associated Press recently. Chobani has been testing such offerings at its cafe in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

The privately held company, founded in 2005, has grown quickly, riding the surge in popularity of Greek yogurt, and is the biggest seller of Greek yogurt in the U.S., the AP said. But competition has been increasing, with General Mills and Danone investing more heavily in their Greek yogurt brands.

McGuinness said Chobani’s plans to raise capital to fund its expansion are “still in discussions.”

Also, the company announced Wednesday that it has begun exporting to Singapore, Malaysia and Panama.

To Latin America, Chobani will export multiple flavors and formats in shipments from its upstate New York and and Idaho facilities, a release said. Chobani has been available in Panama for the last few weeks and will be available throughout the Caribbean.

To Asia, Chobani will export single-serve cups of various flavors and multi-serve containers of plain yogurt, a release said, and the yogurt will be distributed from Chobani’s plant in Australia. In just more than a year, production at the Chobani facility has grown from 25,000 cases a week to 25,000 cases per day and has become one of the biggest yogurt manufacturers in Australia, a release said. 

David Denholm, president and chief operating officer at Chobani, said in the release that “Asia and Latin America have untold possibility for Chobani and our expansion in these regions furthers our business opportunities and builds on our founding mission to provide better food for more people.”

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