A proposed casino for the Howe Caverns site has won the solid support of the Cobleskill Town Board.

The board, in a resolution unanimously adopted this week, called the Howe Caverns Casino project advanced by the the owner of the destination attraction “economically transformational for a region that suffered Hurricanes Irene and Lee.”

The region was battered by flooding unleashed by those storms in 2011, and some homes remain unoccupied.

The site is competing with several others in Albany, Rensselaer, East Greenbush and Schenectady.

“I think it is becoming clearer each day that Howe Caverns is the best site with the least obstacles for the quick successful development of a casino,” said Emil Galasso, president of Howe Caverns Development Corporation.

State officials are requiring that casino proposals enjoy site-specific community support in order to be eligible for consideration.

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