The Daily Star's four-county region of Chenango, Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie counties has had 8,199 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 27 (10 less than the previous report — Feb. 26), and 159 deaths (one more), as of 7:30 a.m. Feb. 27.

(in parentheses is change since previous report)

Chenango County 

Total cases: 2,397

New cases: 7 (+2)

Active Cases: 66 (-1)

Deaths: 53 

New deaths: 1 (+1)

Active hospitalizations: 9 (+1)

Recoveries: 2,195 

New recoveries: 5 (0)

Quarantines: 184 (+10)

Total tests: 79,948  

New tests:  530 (+275)

Daily positivity rate: 2.0

7-day rolling average positivity rate: 2.3

Delaware County

Total cases: 1,500

New cases: 14 (+3)

Deaths: 42

New Deaths: 0 (0)

Active Cases: 104 (+2)

Active hospitalizations: 10 (-1)

Total recoveries: 1,354

New recoveries: 12 (0)

Quarantines: 287 (+60)

Total tests: 55,870

New Tests: 347 (+33)

Daily positivity rate: 1.0

7-day rolling average positivity rate: 1.5

Otsego County

Total cases: 3,115

New cases: 12 (-12)

Deaths: 52

New Deaths: 0 (0)

Active cases: 107 (+2)

Hospitalizations: 6 (0)

Daily positivity rate: 3.0

7-day rolling average positivity rate: 1.5

Schoharie County 

Total cases: 1,187

New cases: 4 (-3)

Deaths: 12

New Deaths: 0 (0)

Total tests: 37,597

New tests: 558 (+8)

Daily positivity rate: 0.1

7-day rolling average positivity rate: 1.4

Source: local health departments/State COVID tracker

Coronavirus Case Count


Cases Confirmed: 113,496,396; Deaths: 2,519,163; recovered: 64,053,747

United States

Cases confirmed: 28,486,562; Deaths: 510,467;  recovered: n/a; tested: 347,722,229

New York

Cases confirmed: 1,624,213; Deaths: 47,389; Recovered: n/a; total tested: 37,547,888.

(Source: John Hopkins University Tracking COVID 19 Dashboard as of 7:30 a.m. Feb. 27). 

See the state COVID tracker site here:

For vaccination information, call  1-833-697-4829, or visit

To see if you are eligible for the vaccine, visit here.

For updates from the state, visit the state DOH website here.

For more information about the disease, visit the CDC website here

To find a testing site, click here

A resource list for Oneonta area residents has been created by a Facebook group. See what is available here: To volunteer or ask for help, visit here.

For resources regarding COVID-19, local online shopping, information on business assistance and more, visit here

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