Delhi venue offers weekend takeout meals for a cause

ContributedTakeout meals await distribution from Stonewall at the Meredith earlier this month..

A Delhi-based events and catering group has modified its business model to serve up more than just meals.

Stonewall at the Meredith, part of the Stonewall Group at 4206 Turnpike Road in Meredith, recently began offering weekly takeout, with a portion of proceeds returning to the community. In addition to the catering branch purchased in August 2018, the Stonewall Group, founded by Ron Cieri about 10 years ago, includes Stonewall Pastures, Stonewall Estate and several luxury homes.

“We have a lot of different pieces to our hospitality group,” Louann Redard, director at Stonewall at the Meredith said. “Stonewall at the Meredith is our catering facility and we have a venue, but it’s not open as a restaurant on the regular … but we heard from our neighbors and friends, asking if we could do takeout because we can’t be open for events.

“The only reason we’re doing the weekly takeout is as a service to the community,” she said. “We said, ‘Let’s do it, but not capitalize on a crisis,’ so for every meal that we sell, we’re totaling those and giving back to the community. We’re doing it one-for-one … and we have enjoyed connecting with our community during this time.”

Recipients, Redard said, have included individuals, local seniors, Delhi’s Alliance Church, more than 60 Price Chopper employees, practitioners at O’Connor Hospital and the culinary team and bus drivers of Delaware Academy.

Takeout orders, Redard said, are accepted through noon each Friday, with that week’s menu posted to and Stonewall social media on Mondays. The giveaways, she said, take place each weekend. Takeout has been available for about eight weeks.

Stonewall’s takeout and catering menus, Redard said, incorporate locally raised products, especially those sourced from within the Stonewall Group.

“We’re very focused on what is available from our farm, Stonewall Pastures,” she said. “(The menu) has been changing; we got strip steaks in, so we ran strip steaks, and another week we had beautiful, grass-fed rib-eyes. It’s all 100% grass-fed (beef) from our cattle farm.”

Pork products, too, come from Stonewall Pastures, Redard said.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Redard said, support for Stonewall has been strong. Typical clientele, she said, represents a “50/50” mix of locals and visiting guests.

“We have a great percent of our clientele that is local,” she said. “They’ll come here and throw a graduation party or they’ll hire us for a catering event at their house, and the other 50% are probably from New York (City), Long Island or Connecticut and they’re coming up here to get married in the Catskills.

“Right now, it’s really (customers from) Meredith and Delhi,” she said. “We’re seeing our neighbors being extremely loyal and supportive. The majority of customers are ordering every week and loving to hear, through their support, where that support is going in the community.”

For more information on Stonewall at the Meredith, or other aspects of the Stonewall Group, including its new, 300-person outdoor venue, Noble Point, visit Additionally, find “Stonewall at the Meredith” on Facebook or follow @stonewallatthemeredith on Instagram.

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