Election 2019

12:03 p.m.:

Last batch of local:



Kenneth Macker Davis (D/i) 368

Allen R. Hinkley (R/i) 393

Write-in 3

Member of Council (2)

Thomas S. Hynes (D/i) 493

Edward E. Raeder (D/i) 376

Gene S. Cronk (R) 299

Joseph R. Resch III (R) 314

11:52 p.m.: Because of technical issues in Chenango, Chenago's results will not be available tonight

11:51 p.m.:

Contested town races in Otsego:


Councilman (2)

Thomas J. Murphy (R/C) 262

Jason Blaske (R) 220

Janice Gage (I) 181

Write-in 15



Dean Buccheri (D/i) 262

David Neske (R/C/I) 299


Mark Peterson (D/i) 287

Rowland Dutcher (R/C/I) 324

Mary Bordinger (R/C/I) 405

Write-in 3




Harold Palmer (R) 202

Brian Bookhout (R) 245

A.J. Hamill (L) 44

Write-in 3

New Lisbon

Councilman (2)

Florence Loomis (D/i) 128

William M. Whitaker (R/C/I) 159

Robert R. Eklund (i) 55

Write-in 1

Oneonta Town

Councilman (2)

Patricia Riddell Kent (D/R) 895

Katherine O’Donnell (D) 526

Brett Holleran (R) 573

Write-in 1


Highway Superintendent

Joseph Chesebro (D/i) 74

James Wing (R) 184


Highway Superintendent

Roderick B. Jennison (C) 151

Forrest Fletcher (i) 49



Nick Palevsky (R/C/I) 308

David Simonds (i) 296

Councilman (2)

Jeremy Fisher (D) 208

Fred Eckler (R/C/I) 337

Edward T. Bello Jr (R/C/I) 377

Kane A. Seamon (i) 288

Write-in 1


Highway Superintendent

Tim Fish (R) 150

Francis Crist (i) 88

Write-in 58


Councilman (2)

Steven Zerby (D) 107

Jackson Brady Dubois (D) 69

Jim Fell (R) 184

Write-in 5

Worcester Council

Councilman (2)

Diane Addesso (D) 132

Harold J. Ridgeway Jr. (R/I) 283

Jeffery E. Wilcox (R/I) 287

Write-in 19


Results from the Otsego County rep and city council races:

County rep:

District 2

Michele Curtis Farwell (D/WF/I) 636

Marcia Hoag (i) 246

District 3

Caitlin Ogden (D/WF/I) 548

Rick Brockway (R/C) 697

District 14

Jillian Basile (D/i) 206

Wilson Wells (L/i) 42

Write-in 1

Oneonta (City)

Council Member Ward 1

Michele Frazier (D) 90

Write-in 146

Council Member Ward 2

Mark Davies (D/i) 205

Seth Peter Clark (R/I) 34

Council Member Ward 3

David Rissberger (D) 100

Write-in 3

Council Member Ward 4

Kaytee Lipari Shue (D) 141

Jerid Martin Goss (R/I) 22

Council Member Ward 5

Danielle D. Tonner (D/i) 114

Leonard Carson Jr. (R) 158

Council Member Ward 6

Mark J. Boshnack (D/i) 100

Scott Harrington (R/i) 147

Council Member Ward 7

John Rafter (D) 81

Write-in 2

Council Member Ward 8

Mark Drnek (D/i) 107

Joshua Clyde Bailey (R/I) 73

11:07 p.m.:

Final results from Schoharie:


Annelle C. McFarland (D) 2,603

M. Indica Jaycox (R/C/I) 4,565

Write-in 6

Coroner (2)

Brian A. Chichester (D) 2,421

Matthew Coltrain (R) 5,397

Wells Farr (R) 3,718

Write-in 21

And Fulton:

Councilman (2)

Joseph Batchelder (D) 74

Paul Wilson (D) 70

Richard Mix (R) 252

C. Bradford Burgett (R) 246

Write-in 3

Councilman (vacancy)

Peter Shulman (D) 142

Dwight Keith Galyon (R) 181

11 p.m.: More results from Delaware. Franklin restaurants will be able to sell alcohol


Proposal: Allow Restaurant 

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

Yes 448

No 169

Other results:



Pat Davis (R/i) 396

Todd Pascarella (i) 343

Write-in 1



Sheila R. Paul (R) 597

Lisa A. French (i) 474

Write-in 1


Council Member (2)

Bruce A. Soules (D) 83

Thomas W. Hall (D) 182

Michael R. McAdams (R) 174

Shayne A. Moshier (R) 234

Write-in 1

Highway Superintendent*

Dustin A. Soules (D) 57

John R. Bouton (R/i) 299

Write-in 1


Member of Council (2)

Janet D. Champlin (R) 317

Gregory Lavorgna (R) 266

Ruth A. Wilhowsky (i) 84

Write-in 3

10:41 p.m.

More results from Schoharie (just awaiting the town of Fulton for full results). In contested races:



David Lapinel (R) 200

Timothy J. Powell (i) 116



Helen Bekert (D) 92

Melissa J. Olsen (R) 308

Write-in 1

Councilman (2)

Brian R. Young (D/R) 346

Carl D. Ullman (D,R) 323

Lora Newell 74

Write-in 4

Highway Superintendent

Douglas Face (D) 89

William R. Barbic III (R/i) 272

Kevin L. Spaulding (i) 56

Write-in 2


Councilman (2)

Jacquelyn Hadam (D) 220

Anne Ringuette (D) 214

James Goblet (R,C,I) 263

Jennifer Bernhardt (R) 250

Write-in 1

10:30 p.m.:

Some contested race results from Delaware:

In Hamden, the write-in line for highway superintendent has more votes than the candidate on the ballot:

Scott J. Lenci (R) 125

Write-in 130



Matthew Shea (D) 166

George Sydlar (C) 127

Write-in 1

Member of Council (2)

Trevor Bell (D) 158

Mark A. Miller (R) 205

Terry Collins (I/i) 169

Write-in 3


Member of Council

Christina S. Viafore (D/ i) 429

Thomas D. Little (R) 388

William A. Cairns (R) 452

Write-in 6


Member of Council (2)

David Moxley (D) 151

Daniel A. Liddle (R) 158

Ryan D. Kilmer (R) 208

9:55 p.m.: More contested races in Schoharie:

In the town of Cobleskill,  Leo T. McAllister defeated Anne Rogan 682-471. In the council races, Alan E. Rubin took one of the spots, with one vote separating second, with Brian H. Lavine with 551 and Austin Czechowski  with 550

In Middleburgh, Wesley D. Laraway solidly defeated  William R. Ansel-McCabe 732-171 and Jonathan S. Foland beat Michael Guntert 730- 171 for justice. In the council race, Steve Hendrickson and Gerald Pete Coppolo. took the seats.

In Richmondville, Richard T. Lape had 354 votes to Vern Hall's 137, and  Eric Haslun  and Todd C. Sperbeck won the council seats. 

In Schoharie, Alan W. Tavenner beat Lea Gardiner, and Matt Brisley took a council seat, with the tally for the second seat close with Floyd A. Guernsey III with 355 and Martin Shrederis with 337. 

In Seward, the vote tallies for the two council seats are Nancy L. Kniskern, 189, Duane F. Tillapaugh,  353, and Wendy L. Adams, 203.

In the Village of Cobleskill, the two trustee seats were won by 

Matthew S. Barney and Lance Rotolo

9:32 p.m.: The first results from Schoharie are in. 

In Blenheim, for council Chester W. Keyser with 78 votes and Joseph Ward with 64 appears to have won the two seats available.

In Esperance,  Michelle M. Brust (219) and Larry Sharpe (274) earned the council seats

9 p.m.: Polls have closed. Stay tuned here for results as they come in.

5 a.m.: Voters will hit the polls today to decide hundreds of races across our area. Polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

Stay tuned here for the latest results after the polls close

*Results corrected at 6:57 a.m. Nov. 6 

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