A glimpse into the lives of fictional high school by a Bainbridge brother-sister team will be screened at Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The approximately 35-minute mock documentary film, which takes place at a private high school, was directed and written by Ryan and Kayleigh Shuler. Tickets are $8 at the door and $5.21 online at chapstickpremiere.eventbrite.com. Copies with bonus material will be on sale.

Ryan Shuler is a 19-year-old Ithaca College sophomore majoring in cinema production. The idea for “CHAPSTICK” came from a humorous moment the two had about 2½ years ago. They developed it into the story of 11 students and a high school teacher. It will remind people of “The Office” and “Modern Family,” he said.

The title refers to the ChapStick that one of the characters, Kelsey, uses a lot of, especially when she is anxious or nervous. He also edited and produced the movie, using about $2,000 he saved from working to foot the bills.

This is the third movie he has created, the first being a Charlie Chaplin tribute he made after he first became seriously interested in movies at age 16. Both brother and sister were mostly home-schooled. Last year, he did a five-minute movie for class, he said.

Ryan Shuler is putting the finishing touches on “CHAPSTICK,” he said. While he can’t submit it for class work, “it taught me a lot about filmmaking,” he said.

He said he hopes to have a career in the industry. “I love to combine all these elements and create something artistic.”

Kayleigh Shuler is teaching at Oneonta Dance Center and will soon be moving to New York City to continue her career as an actress, she said. She has appeared in several Off-Broadway productions, but she said she enjoyed her work as a writer and director and hopes to have more opportunities.

“It’s fun to do with people you know,” she said. “I hope we have a nice turnout.”

Foothills Director of Operations Janet Hurley-Quackenbush said: “We are absolutely delighted to showcase this local talent. It’s a perfect fit for Foothills.”

What will really enhance the experience is the new projector and sound system that Foothills purchased with a grant from the Tianaderrah Foundation to show performances from the Metropolitan Opera, Hurley-Quakenbush said.

“We now can provide the full movie theater experience,” she said. “It’s a comfortable setting to highlight local talent.”

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