Two local benefactors will be honored at Hartwick College’s True Blue Weekend with the naming of the college’s new turf athletic field.

Though neither the late Clyde Wright nor his wife, Mildred, attended Hartwick, they provided philanthropic support for the college, said David Lubell, Hartwick College media relations manager.

To honor Clyde and Mildred, when men’s games are played, a rotating sign in the archway leading into the stadium will now read “The Clyde” and when women’s games are played, it will read “The Millie.” 

Clyde was born in 1908 on his family’s Milford farm and graduated from Oneonta High School, according to a Hartwick media release. Supported by his wife, he became the owner of Wright’s Electric Company in Oneonta. 

He served as a member of college’s Board of Trustees, founded the college’s Citizens Board and made lead gifts to projects such as the Miller Science Hall, according to Hartwick College’s philanthropy web page. 

“They’ve been longstanding supporters, as have their kids and grandkids,” Lubell said. “It’s been multi-generational support for the college and we thought this was a unique way to celebrate the Wrights.”

Clyde and Mildred’s son Brian R. Wright and Brian’s wife, Josie, supported Hartwick with a leadership gift for the new field, which was replaced this summer. They will lead a ceremony honoring Clyde and Mildred and unveil the rotating sign, according to the release. Hartwick’s Wright Stadium is named after the family. It’s home to men’s football, women’s field hockey and men’s and women’s lacrosse programs, and to intramural sports including flag football and ultimate frisbee.

The new turf field was installed over three weeks this summer and replaced one that served Hartwick for more than 10 years, Lubell said. 

“‘The Clyde and Millie’ Field features a deeper and longer fiber, which ensures that the infill — the layers under the turf — provides more cushion,” said General Manager of Aramark Facilities Joe Mack, in the release. “The infill layering helps reduce injury, such as concussions, which can extend an athlete’s career.”

This year, True Blue Weekend — Hartwick’s signature fall event — will include several other major campus events normally held on their own, Lubell said. These include the seventh annual Hawks’ Night Fever, a pep rally for the entire Hartwick community; the induction of five people into the Hartwick Athletics Hall of Fame; and an e-sports showcase. 

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