Man gets out on bail, steals car, goes back to jail


A former inmate at the Delaware County Jail was re-arrested hours after his release Tuesday, according to Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond.

Eusebio Jax-Mejia, 21, who reported being homeless, was charged with third-degree grand larceny after allegedly stealing a car from the parking lot at the Delaware County Public Safety Building “minutes after his release from jail,” DuMond said.

“Basically, he cased our parking lot, found a car and stole it,” DuMond said.

Jax-Mejia drove north on state Route 10 until he ran out of gas in Stamford, where he was arrested by New York State Police and recommitted to jail, DuMond said.

Jax-Mejia had been in jail since his Jan. 1 arrest by the Village of Walton Police Department due to a provision in the bail reform law that allows suspects to be held on bail if officers are unable to identify them, according to DuMond.

Jax-Mejia was pulled over after officers observed him driving “at a very excessive speed” in a car allegedly stolen from a judge in Dutchess County, DuMond said. He was charged with third-degree criminal possession of stolen property and false personation for allegedly giving a false name.

“We did our due diligence to figure out who he was and he was released,” DuMond said.

Through consultation with other law enforcement sources throughout the investigation, DuMond said it was revealed Jax-Mejia had a “long history of gang activity” and is affiliated with the MS-13 street gang.

“It’s another indication that bail reform needs to be amended to permit local judges to use discretion about whether or not bail is appropriate,” said Delaware County District Attorney John Hubbard. “If someone demonstrates a history of not appearing — and this man was from another country — the judge should be able to set bail.”

Jax-Mejia remains in custody at the Delaware County Jail pending further action, DuMond said.

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