Emergency crews helped Middlefield town residents with water damage Monday and continued cleaning up debris left throughout the county by Hurricane Irene winds, the emergency services coordinator for Otsego County said.

Some Middlefield residents were able to return home, Coordinator Kevin Ritton said, but for them and others in the county, living with the power outage will be the next hurdle.

"The extended power outages are going to be the biggest problem for us," Ritton said.

On Monday night, New York Electric and Gas Corp. issued a media release that said many of the 110,000 customers statewide will be without power at least into next week.

In the company's Oneonta Division, 26,900 customers have no electrical service, the release said.

In local counties, that's 6,953 of 24,790 customers in Otsego; 7,890 of 28,163 in Delaware; 1,478 of 2,126 in Schoharie; and 3,847 of 22,986 customers in Chenango, the NYSEG website said.

Ritton said Monday that Wells Bridge and Oneonta deployed firefighters, about four from each community's fire department, to Schoharie County to support relief efforts.

Emergency crews helped residents of Middlefield pump water out of basements and return home, Ritton said.

Ritton said that Sunday Otsego emergency crews responded to significant flooding in the area below Belvedere Lake Dam in Cherry Valley and in the town of Middlefield between 9:30 and 11 p.m. He estimated waters were 3 to 4 feet high in some areas and about eight homes in Middlefield were affected.

About 25 people evacuated from below Belvedere Lake Dam, which appeared to be safe Monday, though fire and county officials were monitoring the situation. Residents had stayed with friends and relatives and were able to return on a limited basis, he said early Monday.

Ritton said there was a lot of road damage in Roseboom and Middlefield. He asked that residents use 911 only to report emergencies and not for calls to complain about power outages or inquire about travel conditions, which has been happening.

Also in Otsego County, the village of Otego issued a notice Monday morning to municipal water users to conserve water until further notice.

Electrical pumps haven't been working and supply is limited, officials said, and users are asked not to do laundry and otherwise limit water use.

Also, the village pool, which draws water from the system, is closed until further notice.

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