SUNY Oneonta

SUNY Oneonta officials said late Wednesday the annual OH-Fest concert will not be held in Neahwa Park in 2020 and an accompanying street fair will not be hosted by the college.*

A news release from the college said: "There will not be an OH-Fest concert in the city of Oneonta’s Neahwa Park this spring. The annual event, which has anchored festivals that college students have organized each year since 2006, will take place on April 18 at SUNY Oneonta’s Alumni Field House."

According to the release, Tim Nolan, president of the SUNY Oneonta Student Association, said the change of venue is "in the best interest of students."

“The SA wants to ensure that we put the students’ activity money to good use for the spring concert. We don’t want to take the risk of having a concert planned to have it fall through as it happened last spring,” Nolan said in the release. “We are open to continuing the tradition. However, we need to do what’s best for the students.”

The Student Association has also chosen not to host the street carnival in the city, the release said.

After meeting earlier this week to discuss OH-Fest, the release said, officials from both colleges decided that unlike previous years, Hartwick College students would not be involved in the 2020 concert’s planning. The SUNY Oneonta Student Association will be the sole sponsor of what is being billed as “O-Fest XV.”

“We agree that we are going our separate ways for 2020 and will re-evaluate the 2021 event next fall,” said Bill Harcleroad, association adviser and SUNY Oneonta director of campus activities and leadership.

The association, through Harcleroad, informed SUNY Oneonta students on Monday of the decision to have the concert on campus and cancel the street fair 2020. SUNY Oneonta notified the city of Oneonta on Wednesday, the release said.

*headline and story changed to reflect that SUNY Oneonta will not host a street fair this year.

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