An Oneonta dentist marked his 50th year as a professional Thursday with a party at his office.

Dr. Leon Wiggin started practicing dentistry in 1962, first in the Medical Arts Building at 400 Main St. and then at 48 Dietz St. before moving to his current location at 78 Chestnut St.

Much has changed since he started his practice.

Nowadays, dentists sit, rather than stand, while they work on patients, he said.

That’s “easier on the back,” he quipped.

Dental technology has

changed, too.@Body Copy Ragged:

“Drills have gone from a pulley to high speed and laser,” he said. “X-rays are now digital, with less radiation.”

And the patients have also changed.

“Our ancestors usually lost their teeth by the time they have reached our age,” he said. “Patients today have been taught how to have regular dental cleanings and how to brush their teeth correctly and more often.”

Wiggin said he plans to continue his practice, “as long as my health permits.” That probably will come as good news to his patients.

“I have many patients that have been with me for many years,” he said, adding, “I have some families that I have served for about two generations.”

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