Area voters will go to the polls from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 5, for local elections. Unless otherwise noted, all districts within each town vote at the same polling place. Polling places are as follows: 


Afton: Afton Town Hall, 204 County Route 39, Afton.

Bainbridge: Bainbridge Historical Society, 38 S. Main St., Bainbridge.

Columbus: Town Courtroom, 4340 State Highway 80, Columbus.

Coventry: Town Hall, 1839 State Highway 235, Coventry.

German: Town Hall, 352 County Road 5, German.

Greene: Church of the Immaculate Conception community room, 1180 State Highway 206, Greene.

Guilford: Town Hall, 223 Marble Road, Guilford.

Lincklaen: Town Hall, 651 Union Valley-Lincklaen Road, Lincklaen.

McDonough: Town Hall, 1178 County Road 5, McDonough.

New Berlin: Unadilla Valley Central School wrestling room, 4238 State Highway 8, New Berlin.

North Norwich: Town Hall, 188 County Road 23, North Norwich.

Norwich (town): Town Hall, 157 County Road 32A, Norwich.

Norwich (city): St. Bart’s Parish Center, 81 E. Main St., Norwich.

Otselic: Town Hall, 133 County Route 13, South Otselic. 

Oxford: Oxford Firehouse, 20 Main St., Oxford.

Pharsalia: Town Hall, 1040 County Road 8, East Pharsalia.

Pitcher: Town Hall, 145 Town Hall Road, Pitcher.

Plymouth: Plymouth Fire Station, 3461 State Highway 23, South Plymouth.

Preston: Town Hall/Highway Garage, 685 Tamarac Road, Preston.

Sherburne: American Legion, 15 S. Main St., Sherburne.

Smithville: Genegantslet Firehouse, 5333 State Highway 41, Smithville Flats.

Smyrna: Town Hall, 3 Academy St., Smyrna.


Andes: District 1, Town Court, 5287 County Highway 1, Andes. District 2, Rod and Gun Club, 528 County Highway 1, Andes.

Bovina: Community Hall, 1866 County Highway 6, Bovina Center.

Colchester: Districts 1, 3 and 4, Downsville American Legion, 1 Legion Lane, Downsville. District 2, Cooks Falls Fire Hall, 116 Cooks Falls Road, Cooks Falls.

Davenport: Historical Society/Town Hall, 11790 State Highway 23, Davenport Center.

Delhi: Public Safety Building, 280 Phoebe Lane, Delhi.

Deposit: Town Hall, 3 Elm St., Deposit.

Franklin: Town Garage, 12480 County Highway 21, Franklin.

Hamden: Town Hall, 20 Covert Hollow Road, Hamden. 

Hancock: Districts 1, 2 and 5, fire hall, 29 Bridge St., East Branch. Districts 3, 4 and 6,Town Hall, 661 W. Main St., Hancock.

Harpersfield: Town Hall, 25399 State Highway 23, Harpersfield.

Kortright: Town Hall, 51702 State Highway 10, Bloomville.

Masonville: Town Hall, 1890 State Highway 206, Masonville.

Meredith: Fire Department, 50 County Highway 10, Meridale.

Middletown: District 1, fire hall, 1298 Main St., Fleischmanns. Districts 2 and 4, Middletown Town Hall, 42339 State Route 28, Margaretville. Districts 3 and 5, Arkville Fire Hall, 43365 State Highway 28, Arkville.

Roxbury: District 1, Civic Center, 60933 State Highway 30, Grand Gorge. Districts 2, 3 and 4, fire hall, 53613 State Highway 30, Roxbury.

Sidney: Districts 1 and 3, Sidney Center Fire Station, 6762 County Highway 35, Sidney Center. Districts 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7, firemen’s training center, 72 River St., Sidney.

Stamford: Hobart Community Center, 80 Cornell Ave., Hobart.

Tompkins: Town Hall, 148 Bridge St., Trout Creek.

Walton: School bus garage, Delaware Street, Walton.


Burlington: Municipal building, 6011 State Highway 51, Burlington Flats.

Butternuts: Municipal building, 1234 State Highway 51, Gilbertsville.

Cherry Valley: Community Center, 2 Genesee St., Cherry Valley.

Decatur: Town barn, 104 County Highway 37, Decatur.

Edmeston: Municipal building, 2 West St., Edmeston.

Exeter: Town building, 7411 State Highway 28, Schuyler Lake.

Hartwick: Town office building, 103 Town Drive, Hartwick.

Laurens: Town Hall, 37 Brook St., Laurens.

Maryland: Schenevus Central School Bus Garage, 159 Main St., Schenevus.

Middlefield: Clark Sports Center, 124 County Highway 52, Cooperstown.

Milford: Town Hall, 2859 State Highway 28, Portlandville.

Morris: Townhouse, 118 Main St., Morris.

New Lisbon: Town Hall, 908 County Highway 16, Garrattsville.

Oneonta (town): Districts 1, 3 and 4, Town Hall, 3966 State Highway 23, West Oneonta. District 2, FoxCare Center, 1 FoxCare Drive, Oneonta.

Oneonta (city): Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center, 24 Market St., Oneonta. 

Otego: Municipal building, 3526 State Highway 7, Otego.

Otsego: Districts 1 and 2, St. Mary’s Parish Center, 31 Elm St., Cooperstown. District 3, town building, 811 County Highway 26, Fly Creek.

Pittsfield: Town Hall, 175 State Route 80, New Berlin.

Plainfield: Courthouse, 133 County Highway 18A, Unadilla Forks.

Richfield: Town Hall, 18 E. James St., Richfield Springs.

Roseboom: Town Barn, 126 County Highway 50, Cherry Valley.

Springfield: Community Center, 129 County Highway 29A, Springfield Center.

Unadilla: Town Hall, 1648 State Highway 7, Unadilla.

Westford: Town Hall, 1812 County Highway 34, Westford.

Worcester: Worcester Central School, 198 Main St., Worcester.


Blenheim: Hitchcock Municipal Building, 1748 State Route 30, North Blenheim.

Broome: Town Hall, 920 State Route 145, Broome.

Carlisle: Town Hall, 541 Crommie Road, Carlisle.

Cobleskill: Firehouse, 610 E. Main St., Cobleskill.

Conesville: Town Hall, 1306 State Route 990V, Gilboa.

Esperance: Village/Fire Hall, 115 Church St., Esperance.

Fulton: Town Hall, 1168 Bear Ladder Road, West Fulton.

Gilboa: Town Hall, 373 State Route 990V, Gilboa.

Jefferson: Town Hall, 677 N. Harpersfield Road, Jefferson.

Middleburgh: Middleburgh Library, 323 Main St., Middleburgh.

Richmondville: Town Highway Building, 115 Podpadic Road, Richmondville.

Schoharie: Schoharie High School library, 136 Academy Drive, Schoharie.

Seward: Town Barn, 795 Lowe Road, Seward.

Sharon: Municipal Building, 129 Main St., Sharon Springs.

Summit: Town Hall, 1580 Charlotte Valley Road, Summit.

Wright: Town municipal building, 105 School St., Gallupville.

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