COOPERSTOWN - A hand count of paper ballots in the GOP primary for Richfield town supervisor has left the race too close to call, with incumbent Fran Enjem clinging to a one-vote lead over former Supervisor Nicholas Palevsky, with one affidavit ballot still to be examined.

Before the paper ballots were examined this morning at the Otsego County Bord of Elections office, Enjem had a four-vote advantage over Palevsky. A total of 13 ballots had to be examined.

Though he gained ground in today's count,  Palevsky objected to the opening of an affidavit ballot that is now scheduled to be opened on Monday, officials said.

Board of Elections officials said Palevsky has the option of taking court action to prevent that ballot from being counted, but if he was successful, it would seal his defeat, since he needs one more vote to end up in a draw with Enjem.

Officials said it was not immediately clear what would happen if the primary ended up in a tie.

In another tight town of Richfield contest, town clerk candidate Susan Cantwell was declared the victor of the GOP primary, defeating incumbent Town Clerk Monica Harris, 149 to 146, officials said.

Harris, however, has the Democratic line going into the November election.

The Republican primary winners for the two Richfield town board seats were Paul Palumbo, with 159 votes, and Laurie Bond, with 156 votes. They defeated Willliam Seamon, with 140 votes, and E. Lawrence Budro, who had 119 votes.

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