State Sen. James Seward, R–Milford will attend a rally in support of the family of a murder victim on Saturday at Muller Plaza in downtown Oneonta.

Seward will speak at the “Justice for Gillian” rally in opposition to the release of David Dart, who was convicted of killing Gillian “Jill” Gibbons in Oneonta in 1989.

According to a media release, Seward will be joined by former Oneonta City Police Chief Joseph Redmond and Gibbons’ sister, Jennifer Kirkpatrick. There will also be an opportunity for those who knew Gibbons to say a few words in her memory.

“I am honored to work with Jennifer Kirkpatrick organizing this special rally in remembrance of her sister,” Seward said in the release. “Along with celebrating Gillian’s life, we will also inform the public how to help keep her killer behind bars. It would be an affront to Jill’s memory and a danger to the entire community if David Dart ever sees the light of day.”

According to the release, the rally will also detail legislation co-sponsored by Seward to extend the time between parole hearings for violent offenders and better address victims’ rights.

“David Dart, a confessed murderer, has had multiple parole hearings since 2014 and is scheduled for another this November. There is no reason why criminals who have committed such heinous crimes should have the privilege of a parole hearing every two years or less. We need to reform the parole system and put victims and their families first,” Seward said.

The rally is scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday at the plaza at 214 Main Street in Oneonta.

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