State police at Oneonta on April 1 cracked down on drivers who allegedly violated the Ambrose-Searles Move Over Act.

Named for trooper Robert W. Ambrose and Onondaga County sheriff's deputy Glenn M. Searles, the act requires motorists to use extreme caution when approaching an emergency service vehicle parked, stopped or standing on the shoulder of a road or highway with its emergency lights activated.

Oneonta troopers operating in the town of Worcester ticketed eight motorists who failed to move over and five who were speeding, according to a media release from the Oneonta trooper barracks.

The detail was conducted only days after trooper Kevin Dobson was struck and killed by a motor vehicle while on a traffic stop in the town of Clarence in western New York.

On all roads, drivers should reduce speeds when they encounter an emergency vehicle, such as a police car, ambulance or fire truck. But on roadways with multiple lanes, drivers are required to move from the lane adjacent to the emergency vehicle when conditions allow doing so safely, according to the release from troopers.

Failure to comply with the law could result in fines of up to $275 and mandatory court surcharge plus two points on the driver's license.

More than 160 law enforcement officers killed in the United States since 1999 where struck by vehicles, according to The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

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