Otsego County was flagged last month by the state Department of Transportation for bridge damage on county Route 14 in the town of New Lisbon. 

The bridge is over a tributary of the west branch of Otego Creek, about 2.3 miles from the town of Hartwick, according to state records. 

The yellow flag is a warning, according to Public Works Chair and Otsego County Rep. Pete Oberacker, R-Decatur, Maryland, Westford, Worcester, not as serious as a red flag, but indicating that work is needed. It is the second time the bridge has been flagged this summer and at least the third time in two years, according to state records, which say the problem is a damaged section of the girder.

"With old bridges in the northeast, the reality is you are going to be seeing rusting and small problems that have to be fixed from time to time," Oberacker said. 

The county has taken steps to fix the problem temporarily while consulting with Delaware Engineering and Town and County Bridge Repair to come up with a long-term solution, Oberacker said.  

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