This weekend is Easter and Passover. Are you doing anything special?

“We have to go to church on Sunday, but then we get home and open a few presents.”

Sean Bott, Milford, student.

“I’m going to New Jersey to see my stepfather.”

Mary Burns, Treadwell, disabled.

“My family always goes to church on that Sunday. We don’t usually go, but we will that Sunday.”

Glenn Tribble, Oneonta, writer.

“My wife and I will hide eggs for our daughters.”

Rodney Downing, Oneonta, painter.

“Just go to church with my sister. We don’t have any kids in our family so we don’t get to hide eggs or anything like that.”

Susan Enos, Treadwell, retired.

“Just having all my kids over for dinner.”

Adam Hulsey, Delhi, carpenter.

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