"No, because politics frustrates me enormously. I don't want to punch my TV. It was expensive. Afterwards, I read what was said, but I don't want to watch it." — Polly Goldberg, Unadilla.

"Yes, I've watched all of them. I think it's terrific that we have so many good candidates. I'm a Democrat and I prefer Elizabeth Warren." — Fred Harris, Corrales, New Mexico.

"No, I haven't. I'm waiting for the field to thin out so I can focus on the main issues." — Sangeeta Pratap, Bovina.

"I've been partially watching the debates. I think it's too early to tell what's going on. It's kind of overwhelming." — Carol Saggese, Oneonta.

"I haven't, no. I've been busy." — David R. Watson, Oneonta. 

"Yes. Unfortunately there's not anybody strong enough to beat Trump yet. Booker's the one I like right now." — Gary Walters, Oneonta.

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