What can be learned from the events in Ferguson?

“People seriously need to change. Acting in violence doesn’t end violence. It only makes things worse.”

– Deneen Costine, Oneonta, home health aide.

 “You need to know the facts before you judge the situation. Jumping to conclusions isn’t going to solve anything.” 

– Sarah Shaw, Walton, artist and custom jewelry maker.

“Violence only creates more hatred and bitterness.” 

– Joan Assini, Gilboa, unemployed.

“I’m not sure how much has been learned. It seems like people are clinging to the same, old stereotypes.” 

– Philip Shaw, Walton, self-employed.

“At first I was upset. But what the protesters are doing is not helping. Violence breeds more violence.” 

– Anthony Gunther, Cooperstown, mobile home park worker.

“People are genuinely nuts and will take any excuse to raise hell.” 

– Scott Keidong, Schoharie, graphic designer.

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