"I think Father's Day is just a day that I could do something for my dad whether that was like cooking a meal or cleaning something up." — Jenny Collins, Oneonta.

"Father's Day is the day when we celebrate fathers and what they do for us, how they influence us, how they're good role models for us." — Michael Davis, Oneonta.

"My dad looks out for me, and it's nice to be able to give something back." — Anthony Lame, Hobart. 

"Father's Day is the day that you thank God for a good father, you then thank the father for everything that they've helped you achieve and led you to do." — Mary Pasiak, Delhi.

"I have two beautiful children who don't live in this state and I miss them. We really connect on Father's Day. We get together and have long phone conversations and Facetime. It's a time when I can really connect with my children and feel like we're not so far away." — Timothy Perone, Oneonta.

"It's a strange question for me because I don't have children and my father died when I was seven. What Father's Day means to me is just thinking about the male in your life that was there for you as a child, not necessarily biological." — Jorge Rodriguez, Delhi.