“I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, and I would like to see her again in 2016.”

Erik Halvorson, Oneonta, teacher


“I’m not too political, so I haven’t decided who I want to see on the ballot yet.”

Jonathan Stilson, Oneonta, cashier


“I think it would be good to see a woman candidate, not necessarily Hillary, but Obama changed the idea of what a president could look like, it would be nice for that to continue.”

Mansir Petrie, Oneonta, global education adviser at Hartwick College


“I would like to see someone like Vince McMahon actually run, it would be nice for a true outsider to run.”

Bill Mattice, Oneonta, disabled


“I would really like to see Hillary Clinton. I think it’s time to see a woman.”

Maria Cameron, Oneonta, housekeeper


“I think our best bet would be someone like a Ron Paul, or a third party candidate. The major parties have too much to lose if they change their ideas on the country.”

Dave Homer, Oneonta, retired




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