"No more than usual. I practice martial arts every day and I have a good awareness of what's going on around me. I look for exits." — Bryan Baisinger, Portland, Oregon.

"I'm very concerned, and I am hoping for significant changes in gun laws." — Susan Hillstrom, Delhi.

"Absolutely. We live in a crazy society. I think we should have law enforcement in schools and shopping centers. There's a lot of people who are mentally unstable." — Joe Matranga, Andes.

"I do not. I don't focus on those things." — Marc Newkirk, Peru, Massachusetts.

"No, I don't, actually. Especially around this area. I've lived in tougher areas. It feels really safe around here." — Brooke Philippi, Meridale.

"I personally would not worry. I feel very secure in my surroundings." — Michael W. Piercy, Fergusonville.