Possible listeria contamination of tuna has sparked a recall by Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets of packaged sushi. The voluntary manufacturer recall by AFC Sushi is all varieties of packaged sushi made with tuna, sold from the prepared foods case in the deli department at its Price Chopper and Market 32 stores. 

To date, affected sushi has only been found at the Price Chopper stories in Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, and Rotterdam, according to a media release, but, as a precaution, the sushi made with tuna manufactured by AFC Sushi has been recalled from all of the chain’s stores. 

Price Chopper has stores in Oneonta, Delhi, Sidney, Norwich, Cobleskill and Richfield Springs. 

Customers who have an affected product may return it to their local Price Chopper for a full refund. For more information, customers can visit afcsushi.com or call (866) 467-8744.

The UPC number and products affected are: 2301200013, Plus Trio; 2301200017, Sushi Ultimate; 2301200023, Sushi Delight; 2301200024, Sushi Deluxe; 2301200026, Rock & Roll; 2301200037, Chef Sampler C; 2301200038, Chef Sampler D; 2301200039, Chef Sampler E; 2301200040, Jalapeno Roll; 2301200050, Spicy Roll (BR Rice); 2301200070, Done Deal Roll; 2301200100, Spicy Roll; 2301200110, Hawaiian Roll; 2301200121, Rainbow Roll; 2301200210, Rainbow Roll Special; 2301200211, Super Calif Mix; 2301200212, Super Spicy Mix;  2301200252, Sunny Delight Party Tray; 2301200701, Happy Heart Platter; 2301250190, Red Chili Roll; 2301286181, Sashimi Sampler; 2301286209, G-Shock Roll; 2301286481, Chef Sampler A; 2301286482, Chef Sampler B; 2301290115, Hybrid Roku Platter; 2301290116, Hybrid Go Tray; 2301290117, Hybrid Yon Tray; 2301290118, Hybrid San Platter; 2301290119, Hybrid Ni Platter; 2301290120, Hybrid Ichi Platter; 2301290138, Spicy Tuna Roll SP; 2301290169, Spicy Tuna Roll SP (BR); 2301290245, Hybrid Mini Platter; 2301290360,Classic Yummy Roll; 2301290375, Aburi Alaskan Cheese Roll; 2301290376, Roasted Eel and Cuke Roll; 2301290377, Seared Tuna and Miso Mayo Roll; 2301290378, Shrimp Dynamite Roll; 2301290379, Tuna Tataki Roll; 2301290380, Una Mayo Roll.

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