ONEONTA _ The city is seeking property owners who may be interested in planting trees.

A four-year plan devised by the city Environmental Board calls for an expansion of tree-planting efforts to include lots that lack a sidewalk or have a tree median in front of their property too narrow to plant at a tree.

The trees will be about 2½ inches in diameter and 8 to 10 feet high at the time of planting. An agreement between the homeowner and the city will call for the homeowner to provide care, mainly watering, for the trees, according to a media release from the city.

Trees under consideration include American beech, American chestnut, American elm, eastern Hophornbeam, butternut, littleleaf linden, London planetree and northern red oak. The trees are expected to be purchased by the city later this year.

Those interested should contact City Clerk James Koury by calling 432-6450; emailing; or writing to 258 Main St. Oneonta, NY 13820.

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