COOPERSTOWN — Two teenage defendants charged in connection with an alleged murder in the town of Worcester last month will be tried as juvenile delinquents.

Judge John F. Lambert ordered that the criminal cases against Alexis Lottermann, 16, of Walton and Tatiana Febo, 17, of Downsville, be transferred to Otsego County Family Court, where they will be prosecuted by Otsego County Attorney Ellen Coccoma.

Lottermann and Febo are charged with first-degree burglary, and Oneonta residents Dylan Robinson, 15; Alexander Borggreen, 16; Anais Soto, 15; and Nicolas Meridy, 32; are charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree murder in the death of Dylan’s father, 53-year-old Kenneth Robinson.

Thomas Hegeman and David Taylor, the attorneys representing Robinson and Borggreen, did not object to the Oct. 24 motion filed by Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl to keep the trials in the youth part of criminal court, where the defendants will be tried as adolescent offenders.

Dennis Loughlin, the attorney representing Soto, previously filed a motion in opposition to Muehl’s request to keep his client’s case in youth court. He also filed a motion requesting a reduction in bail, which Lambert said he will answer in writing at a later date.

Under New York’s Raise the Age law, 16- and 17-year-olds are no longer automatically prosecuted as adults. Those charged with felony crimes may have their cases heard in the youth part of criminal court as adolescent offenders.

The youth court cases will be bound over for grand jury action, where a jury will decide if there’s enough evidence to substantiate the charges, according to Muehl.

“With the evidence we have, there’s not going to be any issue with that,” he said.

Prosecutors allege the defendants were after $5,000 in cash and marijuana when they entered the Worcester residence of Kenneth Robinson the night of Oct. 10.

Investigators believe Lottermann and Febo stayed in the car while Robinson, Borggreen and Meridy entered the residence armed with shotguns and rifles, and Soto, also believed to be armed, stood watch.

During an Oct. 16 felony hearing for Meridy, New York State Police Investigator Ronald Lussi testified that the 32-year-old claimed to have fired his gun accidentally while Dylan Robinson fired the shots that killed his father.

Kenneth Robinson was found dead in the threshold of his home when emergency personnel responded to reports of a fire later in the evening, according to investigators.

Investigators have yet to determine the nature of the relationship between Meridy and the teenagers, Muehl said, but that any romantic connection between the 32-year-old and any of their parents has been ruled out.

Soto, Robinson, Borggreen, Lottermann and Meridy were arrested Oct. 11. Meridy is being held at the Otsego County Jail, and the teenagers were remanded to youth detention centers in Buffalo and Syracuse.

Lambert previously set bail in the amounts of $25,000 cash and $50,000 bond for Soto, Robinson and Borggreen. Lottermann’s family posted her $10,000 bond after the Oct. 16 bail hearing, and Lambert on Friday changed her arrestee status to “released on her own recognizance.”

Febo was arrested Oct. 22 and released to the custody of her parents the same* day, according to Muehl.

One additional arrest may be pending, according to Muehl. The person of interest is an adult and is not believed to have been at the scene.

No appearance dates have been set for any of the defendants.

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*Item changed at 1:43 p.m. Nov. 4 to correct when Febo was released.

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