Residents in nine villages – Gilbertsville, New Berlin, Delhi, Hancock, Sidney, Walton, Laurens, Otego and Margaretville– elected new mayors Tuesday, March 21.

A list of results for village offices follows from the counties of Chenango, Delaware and Otsego.


Mayor: Patrick Dedman and Elizabeth Briggs. Village trustee: Deanna Lawrence (incumbent), Tyler Lawrence and Cynthia Hervochon. Results not available as of press time.


Mayor: Thomas Taylor (incumbent). Village trustees: Mark Golden (incumbent) and Benjamin Lewis. There will also be a write-in vote to fill a one-year village trustee vacancy. Results not available as of press time.


Mayor: Phillip Brown (incumbent). Village trustee: Jodi Najarian, Ronald Williamson.

New Berlin

Mayor: Peter Lennon (incumbent) wins with 41 total votes. Write-ins: Terry Potter had one vote and Lisa Seradilla had one vote. Village trustees: James Crawford (incumbent) and Richard Potter won. Crawford had 42 votes and Potter had 38 votes. Write-in Michelle Priola had one vote.


Mayor and two trustee positions are open. Election will be held June 20.


No election this year.


Mayor: Jeffrey A. Gearhart (current trustee) had 66 votes, Daniel M. Ayres had 64 votes and Jessica Raber won with 67 votes. Village trustee: Janet Tweed (incumbent) had 162 votes, Ian Lamont (incumbent) won with 167 votes and write-ins had seven votes.


Mayor: Sam Gil (current trustee), Elizabeth Hughes. Village trustee: Miguel Martinez-Riddle, Yvonne Router, Todd Pascarella, Stewart Cohen (incumbent). Results not available as of press time.


Village trustee: John Wilson (incumbent) received 13 total votes.


Mayor: Shaun Shannon wins with 45 votes. Write-ins: Carolann McGrath had nine votes and Gary Resti, Jr. had six votes. Village Trustee: Shane Mieke wins with 39 votes. Shaun Shannon had 30 votes. Write-ins: Charlene Caramore had one vote, Thomas O’Boyle had one vote and Paul Vetrone had one vote. Shaun Shannon being elected Mayor creates a vacancy for the second Trustee position.


Mayor: John Hubbell (incumbent) received 37 votes. Village trustees: Iris Mead (incumbent) received 31 votes and Sarah Hubbell (Incumbent) received 32 votes. There were two write-ins, Robert Manscheffer, who received one vote, and Deborah Manscheffer, who received one vote. There were nine blank votes.


Mayor: Raymond Baker Jr. (current trustee) received a majority of the votes with 186 total, and Victor Tartaglia (current trustee) received 161 votes. Village trustee: Barry Macpherson (incumbent) received 312 votes and write-in, Jeremy Matviak, received 56 votes.


Mayor: Robert Schneider (incumbent). Village trustee: James Kopp (incumbent). Results not available as of press time.


Mayor: Edward Snow (incumbent) won with 164 votes. Sue Malia had 60 votes, Steve Condon had three votes, Dan Hodges had two votes, Katie Taggart had two votes, Ellie Truman had one vote, Beth O’Brien had one vote, Tony Contello had one vote, Eric Ball had one vote, Olena Sao had one vote and write-in Nate Jamieson had one vote. Village trustee: Nathan Jamieson wins with 78 votes. Eric Ball had 71 votes, Beth O’Brien had 54 votes, Don Breen had two votes, T. O’Brien had one vote, Eric Northrup had one vote, Steve Condon had two votes, Tony Contello had one vote, Mary Phraner had one vote, Dave Stanton had one vote and Deb Ackerly had one vote.


Village trustee: Joseph Membrino (incumbent) received 94 total votes, all of which were Democratic. George Fasanelli received 92 total votes, with 19 being Many Voices, One Village and 53 Democratic.


Mayor: Nate Talbot received 33 votes. Village trustees: Trustee 1 is Glenn Foster, who received 33 votes, and Trustee 2 is Larisa Waghorn-Muller, who received 15 votes as a write-in candidate.


Mayor: Kelly Pinter received 14 total votes. Village trustees: Starr Liddle (incumbent) and Frank Kovacs are running for two trustee seats and Jonathan Heelein is running to fill a one-year trustee position. Liddle received 14 votes, Kovacs received 11 votes and Heelein received 14 votes.


Mayor: Brian Pokorny (incumbent). Village trustee: Michael Strong (incumbent). Results not available as of press time.


Mayor: Ernest Kroll (incumbent). There were 24 total voters. There were 16 ballots and eight absentee ballots cast. Unanimous win to Ernest Kroll.

Richfield Springs

Village trustee: Fred Culbert, Lucas Vanriper (incumbent). Results not available as of press time.


Village trustee: Democrat candidate Kaleigh Barber won the village trustee position with 66 votes and fellow Democrat Dwight Mott received 27 votes. Independent candidate Jacqueline Carey won the one-year term with a total of 54 votes. Fellow Independents Carl G. French received 27 votes and Christopher J. Price received 26 votes. Write-ins: Jeffrey Jones had three votes, Terry Yoder had one vote and David Welch had one vote.

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