We’re excited to introduce a new feature in the O-Town Scene: The Rad Carpet. Each month, we will be scouting out fashionable folks in the area and talking to them about what they’re wearing. This month, we stopped by the quad at SUNY Oneonta to catch some students in between classes. Here were a few of our favorite looks: 

Ligia Pineda, 19, junior

Hometown: Queens

What’s up? “I’m headed to the library to study. I’m a biology major.”

Outfit details: “I thought it was a nice day, so I wanted to dress up. It makes me feel good.”

Favorite piece: “I love this cardigan, you can wear it with anything and dress it up or down.”

Inspiration: “I love Vanessa Hudgens’ style. It’s boho and casual. And Selena Gomez.”

Ripley Smith, 18, freshman

Hometown: Long Island

What’s up? “I’m on my way to art class. I’m a psychology major.”

Outfit details: “I think I bought the top from Forever 21. I look for pieces that catch my eye.”

Describe your style: “It changes a lot. I guess I would describe it as street style.”

Favorite store? “I love Forever 21, but now that I’m in Oneonta, I’ve discovered Rue 21, which I really like.”

Therese Ferrara, 18, Westchester /Aurora Parkinson, 17, BrooklynOutfit details: Therese: “All my other clothes were dirty!” Aurora: “I keep telling her all day that she looks amazing. This is the one day I didn’t dress crazy.”

Favorite store? Therese: “I get a lot of my stuff from Zara. And Brandy Melville.”

Style inspirations? Therese: “Audrey Hepburn.” Aurora: “I’m really inspired by Korean fashion.”

Emma Lance,20, art majorHometown: Ithaca

Outfit details: “I kind of just wear whatever I want. It has to be soft, though.”

Describe your style: “I’m feeling the homeless look. It really depends on my mood.”

Favorite store: “I find a lot of my stuff at thrift stores. Or my mom’s closet.”

Adam Dorrian, 19, music industry majorHometown: Kingston

Describe your style: “I’m involved with opera, so this was the type of thing I had to wear, but now it’s become the norm.”

Favorite store: “I like H&M and other online stores.”

Inspiration: “I kind of just wear whatever and don’t think too much about it.”

 Anna Liberato, 18, freshman

Hometown: Manhattan

Outfit details: “It’s kind of like the cowgirl look, but with an urban fit. This is the first time I’ve worn my hair in a bun like this, but I like it.”

Favorite stores: “Forever 21 and H&M.”

Style icons: “Iggy Azalea.”

Jisan Cha, 22, juniorHometown: Korea

Outfit details: “I dress very comfortably. I don’t like to wear anything tight.”

Favorite store: “I used to buy clothing from Forever 21, but I don’t anymore. I’m a fashion merchandising major and learning what I have, I now either make my own clothes or find vintage clothing from the thrift shop.”

Inspirations: “There’s a celebrity in Korea who is popular. She doesn’t follow trends, but makes her own style decisions. I admire that.”

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