Featured Artists: David Hayles and Angelique Bakalyar

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Artwork by David Hayles and Angelique Bakalyar, both of Oxford, will be on display starting Jan. 9 at 6 On The Square in Oxford. 


"Scagliola has been enjoying a revival thanks to the pioneering skills of artist, David Hayles who is a leading authority on its production. David is originally from England, and has traveled the world doing his specialty plaster restoration work that looks remarkably like real marble. A version of scagliola (pronounced with a silent “g”— scay-lee-oh-lah) dates back to the ancient Egyptian tombs and had a revival during the Renaissance. David regularly lectured and taught about his technique at The European Centre for Craft Conservation in Venice and West Dean College. Scagliola is a unique, time consuming and painstaking process that he has been perfecting for over twenty years. David wrote the book on the subject, literally, called, “The Magic of Scagliola.” Angelique, his wife, assists David in the process of making their ornamental castings.Scagliola is made from plaster, pigments and glue, and then it’s burnished to a brilliant shine. Used to restore or recreate natural marble,scagliola creates exotic surfaces for walls, floors, tabletops or columns. Decorative pillars, pediments, corbels, brackets, picture frames and more look like exotic polished stone antiquities."

"Angelique (aka Eek) grew up on a dairy farm in Maryland, so the do-it-yourself ethic is practically in her blood. Roughly fifteen years ago, after she and David got together, Angelique stitched her first fabric hat as a form of therapy when David was ill. Her hat making turned into a very creative outlet and a millinery business by the name of Hats by Eek. These are not your grandmother’s bonnets. Each one-of-a-kind, sculptural hat takes from three days to three weeks to create and can be custom designed for any occasion. The hats might be made of tie-dyes, florals, brocades, or velvets; trimmed with appliques, ribbons, feathers, studs, or fun furs. Some hats are designed with high crowns, scarf-ties, wide (sun hat) brims, ruffled brims or no brims like a cloche. One exotic hat was crafted of purple satin brocades with a brim of fabric scallops, layered like leather armor, and topped off with a pagoda-like peak. Hats by Eek will be showcasing winter hats and a new spring collection. From fanciful to utilitarian, they are delightful expressions from the mind of Eek."

— courtesy of 6OTS


Hayles’ and Bakalyar’s work will be on display until Feb. 28. For inquiries, call Kim Begeal, 6 On The Square’s gallery coordinator, at 843-OTS6 (6876). More information is available at www.6onthesquare.org

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