There are many different kinds of yoga popular in the West. Some of the most popular kinds are the Ashtanga yoga,  Hatha yoga, Hollywood Yoga, , Vinyasa Yoga, Flow Yoga,  Power Yoga,  Yoga of Bliss, Tantric yoga, Yoga of Concentration, Yoga of Meditation and Yoga of Self-realization.

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Along with the popular varieties of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga, there is another one that can be called Harvard yoga. It constitutes a group of researchers from various universities who might not be personally involved in doing physical postures or indulging in the breathing exercises or i…

There are more than 20 million Americans who practice some form of yoga and meditation. This staggering number has taken the esoteric spiritual discipline from the caves of the Himalayas and brought it to the doorsteps of every American.

The ancient sage Patanjali uses the phrase “mental fluctuations” (chitta-vrittis) for all disturbances in the ordinary mind and the term “afflictions” (kleshas) as imperfections embedded in one’s personality. These together hinder the full expression of the real self. He suggests Kriya yoga …

Yoga has been with us for at least 2,500 years. As the present century opened with the dawning of the new millenium, yoga’s popularity picked up speed as never before. People of all ages are drawn to it for reasons of physical health, mental contentment and spiritual enrichment.