Firefly continues to thrill in 2016

Firefly is known by festivalgoers from all over the country as one of the biggest and the best.

This year, Firefly and the guys at Red Frog Events really pulled it off. The love was in the air and not in the romantic Disney, meet-your-soulmate kind of way.

People from all over the world, from all different professions and backgrounds, gathered at the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware, for the all right reasons: peace, love, and true freedom. There were U.S. Marines, businessmen from London, DJs from NYC and Detroit, Wegmans cashiers — basically, any kind of person from any place or background you could imagine you could have found at Firefly 2016. Ask anyone of them why they came to Firefly… “The same reason as anyone else”… or something along those lines.

However, I had the chance to meet the world renowned Generik (Tyson O’Brien) , an EDM house DJ from Melbourne, Australia. He recently just ended his residency in Las Vegas playing at clubs such as Omnia, Wet Republic, and Hakkasann.

“It's been really good because I've been able to test the waters to see what America likes and doesn't like,” Generik said of his recent stint. And by the looks of it from what we saw at Firefly this year, America likes you, Generik.

In our sit-down interview after his set, we got talking about the scene here in America compared to Generik's home in Australia.

“Kids are young, they wanna dance and have fun and do what they wanna do, and a music festival is perfect for that. Australians, we love to party, and Americans, they love to party," he said, adding, "(Firefly)’s good fun.”

So you heard it, Firefly was awesome. It even met the standards of an international EDM House DJ. In addition to the social atmosphere at firefly, the stages and facilities were top notch as well. Firefly this year featured:

— Air conditioned VIP/Artist lounge areas which featured ethnic food trucks, a Ketel One VIP bar

— VIP Main Stage viewing platforms

— Complimentary beverages for media, artists, guests of Firefly, and Super VIP ticket holders

— Dozens(what felt like hundreds) of food options

— and free lockers and charging stations (unheard of these days)

Pre sale for 2017 has started. Tickets can be found at GA 4-day passes are $249 and can be upgraded when options become available.

You can’t go wrong with Firefly. Hope to see you there next year.

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