If you’re into electronic music, odds are good that you know GRiZ – the self-proclaimed "future funk" DJ/producer hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Recently, GRiZ's "Good Will Continue" Fall 2017 tour dates were announced. Lucky for you and I, GRiZ will be bringing his funky, bouncy, electro-soul and, of course, his saxophone to Upstate NY on Nov. 5, when he plays the Palace Theater in Albany.

The high-energy, sax-slamming, electro extraordinaire will be touching down on the East Coast in Port Chester at The Cap. After that, it's off to The Fillmore in Philadelphia, The Palladium in Worchester, The Anthem in Washington DC, and finally back to New York for the moment we’ve all been waiting for - GRiZ at The Palace.

Coming off the earlier parts of the tour out west, Albany show-goers can look forward to a fine-tuned performance and production. GRiZ always impresses and preforms way beyond industry standards, whether he’s DJ-ing a set in New York City, headlining Camp Bisco, or rocking out Red Rocks with the live band.

Speaking of which, the live band is a new style of performance for GRiZ. Band members made their debut Sept. 1 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. The show and band included artists such as Muzzy Bearr, Ida Hawk and more. Most impressive was that each and every GRiZ song was performed entirely live, without any assistance from pre-programmed tracks - a rarity these days in the computer-based world of electronic music.  

"I feel like I've been waiting my entire life to do it like this..." the artist stated on his website prior to the performance. From what coverage is out there, we can see he truly meant that.

Unfortunately, we won't have the pleasure of seeing the live band on Nov. 5. However, we can look forward to support from Opiuo and, of course, Muzzy Bearr.

No worries, GRiZFam. GRiZ will, no doubt, bring the heat, as usual. It’s going to get FUNKY.

Tickets for the "Good Will Prevail" tour can be purchased at https://artists.songkick.com/griz/. For other GRiZ news, photos and more, head to www.mynameisgriz.com 

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