This weekend, Aug. 25-28, Black Light Productions Bungalow Bash will collaborate with the local Wizfest at Edgewood Mountain in Laurens to bring to you, BungaWiz Music Festival.

The BungaWiz 2016 lineup features more than 70 artists and multiple genres of music from EDM to hip hop to jam bands. Headliners include Caked Up, Sound Remedy, Victor Niglio and Haterade. In addition to electronic, the festival also features bands including local favorite Space Carnival, which is sure to draw a big local crowd.

The mission of BungaWiz is influenced by the shift in consciousness and musical expedition of the late 1960s. Like many modern music festivals, it's not just about the music. It's about connections with people, exploring, adventuring and a number of other exciting discoveries.        

“BungaWiz Festival isn’t just a music festival, it’s a movement. It’s a way of life. It delivers a cosmic blend of good vibes, true happiness, family, peace, love and joy to all who enter — Stepping into the Edgewood Mountain for the BungaWiz Festival is an experience like nothing else. The moment you walk through the festival gates you enter a place separate from the outside world — a heavenly playground filled with sweet sunshine, amazing music, peaceful vibrations, and a strong sense that you just discovered the happiest place on earth,” reads the Bungawiz Facebook page.

In addition to music, festival-goers will find a variety of other performances including fire dancing, live glass blowing and a community drum circle. A number of other activities will be available such as volleyball, arts and crafts, yoga, bonfires, and neon paint wars.

BungaWiz is one of the first festivals of its kind in our area after the recent migration of Camp Bisco from Moriahville, New York, to Scranton Pennsylvania.  It's sure to bring a large crowd. The venue's capacity is around 10,000.  So get your tickets fast before BungaWiz sells out. Camping is free and tickets are an affordable $60 at the gates.

Be sure to check out the webpage, , to purchase tickets for the event. Additional information can also be found on the BungaWiz Facebook Page

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