CarnEvil 3: The Psychedelic Groove Ceremony

On Saturday, Jan. 30, local band Space Carnival lit up the stage at The Oneonta Theatre with a little help from its friends, SUNY Oneonta student-formed band Boketto, and Brooklyn electric jam band Teddy Midnight. 

Being just 40 people short of a sold out show, Space Carnival happily mentioned that out of all 74 shows they have played, The Psychedelic Groove Ceremony was by far the most fun.

Seconding Space Carnival on its statement, CarnEvil 3 wasn’t just fun, it was the funkiest show that I have ever been to, and a show that I will remember for the rest of my life! Being a friend and fan of the band for a little over two years, I have been to all of the CarnEvil’s that Space Carnival has put on, and this was by far the best CarnEvil that the group has done so far, with The Oneonta Theatre being the perfect place for it!

Boketto and Teddy Midnight did an amazing job of helping the Carnies (Space Carnival fans), get their limbs loosened up and their dancing shoes broken in, in anticipation for Space Carnival to come on.

As the fans restocked on beer, filled up their waters, regained their energy, and patiently waited for the band to approach the stage, the theater got dark and Space Carnival slowly started to play its eerie, slippery disco, opener, “What did I just eat?” As the stage lights gradually started to come back on, the faces of Cameron “Ron” Fitch (keyboardist/vocals), Jeremy Kraus (guitar), Chris Meier (bass), and Nick Tassinari-Drums, were revealed to the crowd covered in clown make-up … and that’s when we all knew just how rare this night was going to be; not only are members a group of talented musicians, but they also put on an act for the crowd.

As the group started transitioning into its second song “Mister Sam,” you could feel the energy in the room start to pick up to an ultimate high, the Carnies in their costumes and props in hand, dancing rapidly on the dance floor, craving more. Next on the set list was Space Carnival’s ultimate dance your pants off song, “Filth,” and boy was it filthy.

Ever wonder where Space Carnival gets its genre slippery disco from? Listen to “Filth” and all of your questions will be answered.

Space Carnival and its fans had the house rocking and nobody even considered stopping! I swear the top theater was packed so tightly that the floors in the Oneonta Theatre were bouncing up and down with the crowd. Not only did Space Carnival play its slippery disco originals, members did a handful of amazing covers as well.

Toward the end of the first set, they covered the Bee Gees original, "Night Fever" with some help from their friend, the beautiful Kristen Tylee. They absolutely killed it with "Night Fever," bringing a whole new meaning to modern day disco, disco balls were nearly growing out of the ceiling. They also covered everyone’s favorites, Vanilla Ice’s, "Ice Ice Baby" and "Taking Care of Business" by Bachman Turner Overdrive, with a little help from their friend Shane O’Sullivan, who drove all the way from Philadelphia just to be there to witness The Psychedelic Groove Ceremony, as did many others.

After all the madness, when the band finally stopped playing and packing up its things, the fans were still standing in the crowd screaming and begging for the group to play one more song….and being the crowd pleasers they are, one more song members played!

For their encore, Space Carnival chose to play the song "All Night Long," giving Lionel Richie an honest run for his money and closing the night out with the perfect Saturday night “let’s get this party started,” song.

Not only was CarnEvil 3: The Psychedelic Groove Ceremony a show, it was a party and a reunion, because once you become a fan of Space Carnival, you’re hooked, forming friends and a family that is much different than any other. These gentlemen have such a good connection with their fans and their town that this night was not only dedicated to them, but a fundraiser for them, with almost all funds made that night going towards their first studio album, which we should be seeing sometime in the near future!

CarnEvil 3 was so successful that after this night, Space Carnival was asked to open up for the return of Jimkata (an electro-rock band from Oneonta, N.Y.), on Saturday, April 2, for its return to The Oneonta Theatre, so fasten up your seat belts and get your tickets quick, because it’s about to be a groovy time!