Recently, several chartered buses from this area went down to Washington, D.C., to take part in the annual March for Life. They joined thousands of others who came in opposition to the 40-year-old decisions that legalized abortion in this land throughout the full nine months.

The battle continues with several thousand babies being lost each day. Where is the argument after all these years? We know that a heartbeat can be detected at 18 days after conception, brain waves are there at six weeks and there is independent movement at six weeks. Have you seen the picture of a baby’s fist being thrust out of the womb during an in-utero surgery only to grab hold of the doctor’s extended finger? That is life — pure and simple.

Time magazine had a recent article that states that the abortion rights activists are losing. Abortion clinics are closing across this country. Clinic workers are saying they have had enough and leaving their jobs. Women who have been silent about the effects an abortion has had on them are coming forward to speak. The numbers have swelled for those stating that they are pro-life.

The baby doesn’t get to vote, but the major reasons women have an abortion still reflect the one-sidedness of this issue: having a baby will change my life, I don’t want others to know of pregnancy, unready for responsibility, etc.

Margaret Kenyon

East Meredith

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