Media in Democratic Otsego County have featured many articles about proud rebels of anti-fracking. These smug liberals are typically depicted in slovenly 1960s attire, shilling junk-science messages about ecological dangers of hydraulic fracturing, the safe, clean process of pumping a mixture of sand and fluid at high pressure into shale rock formations that contain gas and oil. 

One vertical drill site can expand horizontally in several directions to recover oil seepage from large fields. Tens of billions of barrels of oil, a near-limitless domestic supply, lies wasted without fracking. We no longer need to drill new sites to collect oil; environmental stress is reduced; and U.S. oil companies adhere to the strictest recovery policies in the world. 

Yet the rebels persist with their unscientific messages under pressure from the radical EPA, the same EPA formerly directed by Lisa Jackson, who, according to Michael Savage’s 2012 book “Trickle Down Tyranny,” illegally cut down a 120-foot-tall oak tree in the middle of the night to expand her driveway. These same rebels stand in the way of the Keystone XL pipeline, a lifeline for U.S. independence from Middle Eastern power. 

This pipeline, along with fracking, coal-fired electricity, relaxed offshore drilling and exploration of known oil reserves, would, within the next decade, provide enough reserves for ourselves and our European allies. The back story, the collective message, is that “global warming” needs to be curtailed. That fictional debunked phenomenon is now rightly called “climate change” because that is what happens historically in the natural world; it is egotistical human folly to believe that we cause or can change the advance or retreat of glaciation. 

Go deeper to the real agenda: The Obama administration is hell-bent on bankrupting America and turning it into a third-world global dependent of socialism.

Kathryn Kurtz


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