Board has worked on post-MOSA plans

You’re right! Otsego County sure could use a county manager. Local governments everywhere are acknowledging the value in entrusting their multi-million-dollar operations to a professional rather than a few intelligent, well-meaning regular people who have expertise in anything but running government.

That said, I’m disappointed in the editor’s take on the implied incompetence of the board in handling the ongoing saga we call MOSA. Most of the current board members were just kids when the Montgomery-Otsego-Schoharie Authority was created to handle our solid waste. It has been an inherited challenge for all of us. 

Since my own arrival on the board almost four years ago, not a meeting has gone by without some form of MOSA exit planning. Hans Arnold was already on board when I entered. Two years ago, we voted as a board to pursue and fund Mr. Arnold’s guidance in the public-private partnership option. It became apparent that we were putting the cart before the horse, and re-directed that funding. We needed a mutual agreement as to asset distribution. While we have always been committed to the partnership option, it was necessary to be willing to alter that based on ownership of assets. After months of meetings and ongoing negotiations, we stand ready to move forward with planning for that partnership.

We could blame the absence of a county manager, Montgomery and/or Schoharie counties or MOSA personnel for delays, but why would we? The point is, we have made significant progress thus far, sans litigation. My dream for two years has been to negotiate an agreement everyone can live with. My dream is about to come true. Members of my committee and county staff, Mr. Arnold and our county attorney are to be commended, not berated, for their patience and dedication in making this transition move forward as painlessly as possible.

Linda Rowinski


Rowinski is a member of the Otsego County Solid Waste & Environmental Concerns Committee.

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